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The 2020 WA Season

Here the new edit regarding my last season around WA.

It probably was the most eventful year of my life considering my new role in being Marketing Manager for Gath Sports, Managing a winery-pizzeria in Margaret River Swings and Roundabouts, organize a lot of new video projects for Elii Design Studio with Elisa Mariani, building a new house, my family visiting and..... my injury in January which see the rupture of my urethra, the connection between the bladder and the penis, after a wipeout due a big aerial landed with my "balls" on the MFC fins of board. 

Tooks 12 hours, 3 hospitals and 400 km between car and ambulances to diagnose what was happening to my body, and another 400km to fixed the problem.

It caused to me a break of over a month out of the water and the most painful 2 weeks of my life during the recovering time. 

I'm back in the water now and I can say I'm at 90%, I will have to do few checks in the hospital to monitor the scar.

I'm also happy to mention my new collaboration with Surflogic Australia and West Wetsuit and a thank you go to my other sponsors: Gath Sports, Elii Design Studio, Goya Windsurfing, MaverX Masts, Al360 boom, Quatro International, MFC Hawaii, Flymount. 


For the moment, we are still lucky in WA where we can still surfing. The States and the Regions are close, same of the accommodations, campings, national parks and more. 

We have around 600 cases so far in WA, but the good point is the big distance between the city. 

The government doing a good job, and I hope that they will not close the beaches, but that's depending on the intelligence of people.


Elisa Mariani, Andrea Franchini, Adele Frola, Federico Infantino


Federico Infantino, Andrea Franchini, Matteo Tini


Federico Infantino - Elii Design Studio

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