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Beyond the Ranger Life! The Movie

Beyond The Ranger Life!

The latest video project by Unleash Media House connects the Professional Athlete Federico Infantino with the iconic brand Ford Australia.

A multi extreme sports short film where you can see the beauty of the Ford Ranger reliability and the incredible action from the Italian Athlete on the Western Australia playground!

Federico Infantino:

The reliability of the Ford Ranger is just incredible, definitely the best choice for those people who are into action sports and 4WD living in a adventure country or city!

Is a combination of power, style and reliability!

Live the Ranger Life!

Project: Unleash Media House

Partnership: Ford Australia \\ Geographe Bunbury

Car: Ford Ranger 2021

Athlete: Federico Infantino

Sports: Windsurf - Surf - Mountain Bike - Skate

Location: Western Australia \\ Margaret River - Esperance WA

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