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Drawing Lines - Western Australia

Drawings Lines, the new video of Federico Infantino in Western Australia.

After 12 years, Fede sees his first season with a new windsurfing gear after recently signing with Severne Windsurfing; but that was not enough and for adding a bit of extra challenge into the game he decided to ride for the very first time an asymmetrical board for the whole season, the Severne Stone.

Fede: " I can draw new lines!

I am super stoked with the new gear, the Severne Sails & Boards and born and bred in WA, being part of the future R&D, working face to face with the SV Team in his backyard is, without a doubt, another tick on my bucket list.

The S1 performance is just incredible, but that was not a surprise.

However, my expectation on the asymmetry board was unknown as I never rode that concept before.

After testing the board for the whole season, the Stone improved my style finding and drawing new lines!

The board is technical with a high performance level to discover playing with the fins set up that suit your style most.

I am currently using the Thruster mode on big waves (with a long bottom turn), the central fin gives me extra drive and control during the downhill, meanwhile the quad set up is super fun on the small side-on condition.

If you want to add extra radical turns, adding asymmetrical fins (like surfing board) is the key!

Considering the Western Australian waves power, " the most consistent swell in the world " I use the MaverX Masts Rhino model, 90% carbon, masts tested in the roughest conditions.

In addition to the technical logistics of the equipment, the safety aspect should not be underestimated. As many know by now, my role with various international companies and brands is not only as an athlete, but also as a Marketing & Team Manager.

During my adventure with Gath Sports Helmets, I have completely reevaluated the safety factor, having to deal with daily news and injured athletes looking for more safety in the water.

The Australian reef is always hungry so on the biggest days or with low tide you I am switching into #HelmetOn model where I use the GATH Sports helmets model SFC and Neo Hat."

I want to thank the Unleash Media House Team for the realization of the video project,

My little cousins Letizia & Angelica who are also currently experiencing a beautiful Australian adventure which includes an internship at Unleash Media House.

Sponsors: Severne Windsurfing, MaverX Masts, Gath Sports, Surflogic Australia, G-Force Australia

Camera Operators: Letizia Brogna, Angelica Verda, Federico Infantino, Giulio Paparesta, Francesca Cantatore, Kurosh Kiani, Tom Pidden, The Cook journal

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