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Surflogic Australia - Fede Infantino

Surflogic Australia is the Australian and New Zealand representative for Surflogic Hardware, a forward-thinking surf hardware company that hails from the Basque region of Spain. With the aim of creating innovative and quality products that improve the daily life of water sports fanatics, Surflogic has developed an exciting range of products for those keen on playing in the waves.

Surflogic Australia is proud have Federico Infantino as part of the Surflogic family. Federico’s drive and passion for wind and wave surfing is an inspiration, and Surflogic is excited to support his ongoing efforts to improve himself and the sports of wind and wave surfing. We at Surflogic Australia look forward to watching him progress as his trains (and plays) in one of the most beautiful parts of Australia, if not the world.

Edit: Elii Design Studio

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